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We love anything faith based and green and the Paper Church, constructed in 1995 in Nagata-ku, Kobe, Japan is a great example of where the spiritual meets the eco-ethical. The Church was constructed by volunteers of the community when their original house of worship was destroyed in an earthquake in 1995.

Paper Church (1)

 With donated materials the church was erected in five weeks. It is  beautiful both inside and outside.  It is constructed of 58 paper tubes that were placed in a elliptical pattern, and is enclosed within a skin of corrugated polycarbonate sheeting.

The design is simple yet beautifully dramatic. The materials are inexpensive, and are low impact in terms of energy used in production.

Could this be a source of inspiration for low-income housing?

Paper Church

The Church was disassembled in 2005 and set to be rebuilt in Taiwan this year.

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ButterflyEvery wonder what would happen if we just gave nature a little helping hand to balance its self? This story serves to remind us that it just takes a little bit of effort and nature (in this case the butterfly) will begin the process of restoring it environment.  – Enjoy

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