I enjoy reading about the environmental shifts that are occurring in the Muslim World, and when I came across the Zero Carbon/Zero Waste City I had to share it.  

The Zero Carbon/Zero Waste City is the first of its kind to be built and will use green building and design principals from cradle to grave (meaning start to finish). The visionaries for this project include the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company along with Foster + Partners.  

Check out the Foster + Partner site (click on the Read more link at the bottom of this post) and read up on the city. And don’t be surprised if you develop city envy – I did.   

The Zero Carbon/Zero Waste City will be a 6 million square meter self-sustaining walled city that will not include cars. Instead inhabitants of the city will have access to various means of public transit. The design of the city encourages walking with shaded walkways. But that’s not all! The city will be sustained by wind and solar energy.  

I have also read (not on the Foster + Partner site) that waste produced by the metropolis will be (somehow) redirected to create energy. This would make sense since it is a Zero Waste City. However, I have not been able to confirm if this is accurate or internet gossip.  

As a side note: For an initial period of time I did live without a car in a location that provided me access to all amenities (groceries, restaurants, entertainment, gym, park, public transit, my place of employment). I would definatly like to return to that lifestyle but realize that many cities are not planned with this in mind. Living without a car, or rather not having to depend on a car to be mobile, was, for me, an incredible feeling of independence. To know that I could sustain myself lifestyle with my own two legs was a rather uplifting experience. Not only that, but I found the experience of walking (almost) everywhere allowed me to connect to the various businesses and people in the area. I felt more fulfilled living in this manner. Anyone else experience anything similar to this? Or would you prefer a car?  

The Zero Carbon/Zero Waste City is slated to be launched in Abu Dhabi this year (2007).  

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