One of the reasons I started this web blog was because I did not see a lot of news, stories or other information out there (“out there” meaning the internet and other information sources) which focused on the eco-good that was happening on our planet. Now this is very far removed from my former thought process that went something like this: “let’s look at the problem and analyze it to death and then set aside some time to blame, blame people, blame governments, and blame those pesky multi-nationals for the ice caps melting in the Arctic and the contamination coming from landfills, and the extinction of multiple species off the face of this earth, and….” 

After a while I kinda got very tired thinking this way and reacting to the world from this place. No really I mean it, I literally became emotionally, and mentally, and also physically exhausted. That is why I made a choice to focus on the solutions that were out there and happening all around me. Solutions that focused on what people and communities where doing to create a sustainable future.  

Here’s what I discovered. When given hope, inspiration, and possibilities I actually wanted to take the initiative and do what I could do to create my own sustainable patch of earth. When given problems I became terribly depressed and wanted to curl up under a blanket and just sleep through this next century of environmental catastrophes (a bit dramatic I realize, but then again I tend to have a flare for drama).  

Currently, my fixation is to see big, small, and mega corporations as responsible environmental citizens. This is not an easy task considering that industry holds a huge piece of the pie when it comes to pollution, climate change, natural resource mismanagement, and the list does go on.  

So what to do? 

To prove that the tide is turning I will be on the look out for posts that discuss how industry is taking responsibility, and engaging in new and environmentally friendly ways of doing business. Having said that, look what I found on the Christian Science Monitor site. It is a piece written by Bruce Piasecki titled The Social Responsibility Revolution. A must read if you are interested in giving yourself a new possibility around big business and environmental responsibility.  

I will mix these posts with some EcoThough writings for the next few weeks or until I get tired of hearing about this stuff. 


Author: Anila Muhammad