rainforestYesterday I put out a question concerning corporations as responsible environmental citizens and today as I am surfing the web I came across a piece about a foresting company that is cutting down trees in the rainforest.

Ok, my first instinct is to get angry and yell out (at my computer screen) “what is wrong with this company don’t they get the impact they are having on our planet”.  

Well, apparently they do get it.  

CIB (Congolese Industrielle des Bois), a timber company has been working with the World Wildlife Foundation to maintain the integrity of the Congo rainforest. A lot of the efforts of CIB are linked back to a cost/benefit recognition that if the forest disappears, so too, does their profit. CIB is an example of how a company with a horrid environmental record can be converted. 

As Bruce Piasecki has discussed (see the post And Now for Some Good News), and as CIB demonstrates, companies begin to implement green into their workflow when they have a clear understanding of how it will affect the bottom line. This is also the same when it comes to getting households to shift their energy consumption. When individuals understand the amount of $$$$ (dollars) that are to be saved turning a switch off, things begin to shift.  

The amount of money saved, and the need to plan for the future, mean that people and organizations must be able to see the long term outcome of each action instead of opting for short term instant gratification.  

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