Yesterday a friend sent me an interesting story about a few hundred people who made a statement by getting naked on a glacier. This action is significant since it dramatically demonstrates what is happening to the earth’s climate.  

Before I go further let me recognize that there may be those of you who do not feel comfortable with the words “naked people” and “Islam” on the same page. I completely get it, and just so we are clear I am not posting this for any sensationalist or shock value. I am posting it because when I read it inspired me (yes a story about naked people on an glacier did inspire me) to have the following thought. “There are so many of us who care and who are willing, and who want to, see the world shift.” 

As a Muslim I do recognize that naked bodies of men and women lying down together is…well…kinda reminiscent of a scene out of Sodom and Gomorrah. However, I also recognize the message these people want to convey to the world. It is a pretty powerful message about the earth’s climate heating up so significantly that being naked on a glacier is no big deal (when in fact being naked on a glacier should put any person in a state of hypothermia in 1.23 seconds flat).  I am moved by the action of these individuals to make a statement by using their bodies.

There are so many people who are willing to take action for our planet, and yes some are doing it by removing clothing. The majority of us are making a difference while fully clothed. Either path we take the goal is the same.