Has anyone every heard of the Islamic Foundation for Ecological and Environmental Sciences (IFEES). Established in the 1980’s IFEES is a UK based organization that is involved in environmental work from an Islamic perspective. Besides educational and research projects IFEES works at the grassroots level to change the perspective people have towards their environment; and in the process save a patch of our planet one project at a time. They also have a newsletter titled EcoIslam (WoW! Great minds do think alike). 

I have been following IFEES’s work for a while and have wanted to include them in this blog.  Below is an article that was originally posted on BBC, the piece is a bit older but it does speak so beautifully about the impact IFEES is having. Whenever I meet Muslims who question what our communities are doing in regards to the environment I always direct them to take a look at this organization. True IFEES is UK based, but I think this organization reflects an understanding of our world that is both spiritual, practical, and pro-active. 

I will continue to post about other Muslims, and Muslim based organizations, that are active in promoting the eco-good as I come across them.  Read more.