It’s the small steps, that many of us take in an effort to help maintain the integrity of our planet, that really matters. 

I am reminded of this as I speak to  many people who deeply feel the need to take action in regards to the sustainability of our planet. I hear people say “what can I do”, “will my small step make a difference”, “will I have an impact”.  

Sometimes it is difficult to see how one, individual, small, action can have an impact. However, it does, in fact it already has. Think about it, each, small, simple, unseemingly “I don’t matter”  action has had the effect of placing our planet in the precarious position that it is currently in. We would not be where we are today without each of us making a small contribution to this situation.  

The flip side to this is that the ecological make-up of our planet can be restored with each individual action.  

As the verse suggests (Quran 13:11) God does not assist in changing the condition of people until people take the inner initiative and commit to the change. In the case of healing our planet, as individuals we must choose, willingly, not by force, and definitely not through guilt, to change our current condition.  

If you are interested in taking a look at the impact you are having take a Bio-Diversity Impact Quiz at  Conservation International. Don’t worry its pain free. It is a first step in accessing individual impact. Besides providing an understanding of where you stand environmentally it will provide you with greater insight into the small steps available to create a big impact on the planet.  

As one of my friends mentioned “it’s easier to focus on the small actions”. Small actions are manageable, do not require a whole lotta his time, are easier to accomplish (who doesn’t like ease and a sense of accomplishment), and when done from a place of choice (and not a place of “I have to”) can provide a nice feel-good buzz. 

Have a great holiday weekend 🙂

Author: Anila Muhammad