It is estimated that seventy percent of the human body is composed of water. Water is an essential element needed for biological functions from carrying nutrients, to ridding our bodies of toxins, to lubricating joints and tissues.

With limited intake humans can suffer headaches, dizziness, and a decrease in energy levels. More significantly, lack of sufficient water can cause dehydration. Water is a necessity that the human body can not do without.

For millions of people in developing nation’s access to not just water, but clean water, poses a serious challenge.

The World Health Organization estimates that Diarrhoeal, a disease associated with unclean water supply, sanitation, and hygiene “is responsible for the deaths of 1.8 million people every year”, with most of these deaths being children in the developing world.  

A recent post on Inhabitat looks at a small but effective solution to the problem of clean, safe water. Lifestraw, a small plastic filtering system allows access to clean water for drinking. Lifestraw is portable, inexpensive, requires no electricity, and can filter up to 700 liters of water. 

A step in the right direction. 

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