A young woman I know, Sanjana Ahmad, recently asked me to join the Ramadan Compact. The Ramadan Compact is a blog based community initiated by Sanjana, who has been involved in exploring the Islamic bases for environmental awareness, and activism, and encouraging a dialogue in both Muslim and non-Muslim communities on the environment. Being an agent for environmental change is nothing new for this young woman who holds a MA in Public Policy and is currently working with a DC area non-profit on climate change policy.  

The Ramadan Compact takes its idea from The Compact movement started in San Francisco where a group of friends made a commitment to buy only essential items for one year. However, those of us in the Ramadan Compact are asked to make the commitment to buy only essential items, and explore how consumer culture is influencing us, for one month.  

Since Ramadan is a time for enhancing self awareness; joining the Ramadan Compact will provide a collective forum to reflect upon how our small decisions, to consume items we do not need, are influencing the delicate health of our planet.  

Go to the Ramadan Compact site.