Sanjana, at Ramadan Compact, recently was discussing how she might avoid flying by hiking a few hundred miles to her destination. Though I do like to hike I think my legs would be very mad at me if I prolonged a hike over a few hundred miles.

I get what she is talking about. A way to travel with limited or no plane travel. Carbon credits may help and I do participate in this when I have to get on a plane. But if you are like me you want to do a bit more just because you can.  

I know that there are some preliminary tests being done using bio-diesel as a fuel for plane, and Boeing has crafted a lightweight passenger aircraft (the Dreamliner) in an effort to increase efficiency and reduce emissions.  Until we have access to airplanes that run on alternative fuels what do those of us who use plane travel do? 

Well, one idea is to get on a bike and bike to your destination. This is what Dzhanar-Aliyev Magomed-Ali did. The 63 year old who is from Chechen biked his way from his village to Makkah, Saudi Arabia on an old but reliable bike. It took him 10 weeks but he made it for Hajj. Read about his story here. (By the way this story was submitted by Shumaisa).