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It seems that animals who have made a decision to find a home some how find me.  I am talking about stray animals, mostly cats and dogs.

I have been working with rescued animals for about 10 years now. The strays I would often find would be kittens and once in a while a puppy.

Initially when I started this work I was frustrated and angry for the lack of responsibility that many people have to spaying and neutering their animals. Once I let go of the anger I was able to see the reasons these animals came into my life.  

1) I often thought that Allah allowed me to find these animals so that they could be provided with some love and affection. I thought I was doing them a favour. True I did feed them, provided for their health and eventually helped locate a home for them.  However, it was they who were doing me a favor.  

With each rescue I was able to supply a stream of unconditional love to a creature willing to receive. In my life experience companion animals are the only creatures, I know, who accept and give this type of love.

What does unconditional, open, evolving love do to a person. Well it opens the heart of course! And an open heart is a vehicle that provides direct communion with Divine Universal Light.  

2)  Toby was a little mutt (looked a bit like a Corgi) whose owner kept him tied in a backyard winter, spring, summer, and fall.

When I spoke to the owner about this I found out that she had kept him in this condition for two years because he wouldn’t behave.  

If anyone knows anything about animals they know bad cats and dogs don’t just happen they are created.  

My initial reaction was to slap this woman who had treated Toby in such an inhumane manner. At the time I honestly believed she did not deserve to be a pet owner and was ready to take this dog from her.  I don’t know what took place at the time I was speaking to her. It was almost as if a wind swept into me and calmed me. 

The eventual outcome was this: I recognized that this women wanted to keep Toby but had no understanding of dog psychology. I asked a friend of mine, who is an animal behaviorist, to help me out in this situation. We were able help this woman understand the needs of her dog and how to train him appropriately. That did the trick! Toby was out of the backyard and became a companion to his owner.  

I believe anger can be a useful, powerful emotion. Sometimes, as in this case, anger hides the true reality of a situation.  

3) I rescued a tiny little male fluff ball of a kitten. Eli’s favorite pastime was sitting on my shoulder, napping while on my shoulder, pretending to watch TV while I was watching TV (by the way did I mention he was on my shoulder). I once took him for a drive with me and guess where he determined was the best seat in the car…on my shoulder.  

On one visit to my vet I was informed that Eli was not gaining weight. It turned out that Eli was ill. “It happens to a lot of stray kittens” the vet said. The disease (forget the name of it) was affecting Eli’s immune system and would eventually shut down his organs.  

With Eli I learned how easy it is to become attached to a being that patiently and calmly loves. I also learned the difficult lesson of acceptance. I had no control of this situation. Try as I might Eli would not get to better, and he died.  

I learned acceptance does not mean giving up it means acquiescing to a higher truth.   

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